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Thailand Boxing,Muay Thai

 Boxing has come to Thailand. 
The cultural heritage of Thailand for a long time. In ancient Thailand border with neighboring countries. You have to fight always. Thailand's boxing is so popular with weapons training. Later, it evolved into a unique martial arts more. A beautiful rhythmic movement carries a strong, fierce. Can be trained to protect themselves To strength And to have a career as well as Muay Thai 2. In Sukhothai. .... Sukhothai period began around the year 1781 - 1951 period, a total of 140 years, the evidence is clear that the inscriptions. Sukhothai war with other countries around the sides. The military training with expertise in combat with sword, spear, shield, including the use of the body to help to combat melee, kicking, kicking, knee and elbow as to enhance the combat. .... After the war, The young man in boxing Sukhothai often look to complement every fighter. The martial arts In preparation for military service and a good tradition. In those days, boxing is famous, such as the Bureau of the Office of Small Business district downtown. There is also a practicing Muay Thai temple by monks as well. How to practice Muay Thai in Sukhothai. Boxing teacher to disciple trickery to get water Mantis chopping firewood pool trapeze vines. The physical strength and endurance before starting practice. The cloth is tied knot with a big stick. He was punched with fists, feet, knees, elbows are also practicing with a banana tree punched a sparring partner wrestled with sparring partners. Ended up swimming to cleanse the body and relax the muscles before bedtime. Boxing will train teachers of morality Review skills in boxing stance From that day, combined with skills training in various postures. The previous practice .... Sukhothai Thai boxing is a science class is included in the curriculum of the king. To train a warrior with courage. Has excellent physical fitness The valiant king can rule in the country. As shown in the Chronicle that Sri Indraditya king of Sukhothai He first saw Prince fall forward to the age of two to 13 years on the boxing Office Small Business district downtown. To train as future king, the valiant and in the year 1818 - 1860, King Ramkhamhaeng has written original dossier. Some of the messages referred to boxing as well. Moreover, God Lithai When he was young he has received from the Office of the Academy Palace intimate knowledge and has been hailed as a sage. The Bureau endorses nor teaching alone. He had practical training concurrently with. The martial freehand-style boxing. And the use of weapons, swords, spears, bows, knives, shields, etc.

Muay Thai in Ayutthaya .... Ayutthaya began around the year 1988 - 2310 period was a period of some 417 years of war with neighboring countries such as Myanmar and Cambodia, so young Ayutthaya be trained expertise in GaN and armed struggle. martial arts with bare hands The teachers are professionals fighting instructor. Training starts from the palace to the public. The Sword Tai Buddhist heaven Bureau sword famous Ayutthaya. People are going to learn a lot The exercise will simulate a weapon. Rattan sword is a sword that also have trained martial freehand called concurrently with boxing. This measure is still in place to educate the ordinary course of study and practice in the armed fight alongside them.
 • reign of King Naresuan the Great (AD 2133-2147) .... He chose the younger generation, about the same time he had to discipline himself. The coach has the courage. Self confidence All weapons skillfully. Talented in martial arts, boxing great. He set Division Esืapeaแmwmag A guerrilla unit The military itself has been very active in the salvage autonomy from Myanmar in the year 2127.
• reign of King Narai the Great (AD 2147-2233) .... a peaceful country. A more prosperous He promoted the sport immensely. The fight to become the most popular professional sports. Boxing has caused many This boxing fight on clay court. The rope barrier around a square. Boxers use yarn or breaded frozen bitumen thousands called for a rope or boxing wear the sacred head. Praehiid and tie it at arm throughout the match. The dual advantage punch voluntarily by both parties. Regardless of size, age, body ass The rule of thumb is to punch punch until either party to surrender. The festivals Must have a boxing match with it. A wager between good fighter from a village with a masterful boxer from another village.
 • reign of King Tiger (AD 2240-2252) .... reign Tigers. Or Kunhlwg Surasak He made a lot of boxing Thailand. Once he went to the district pebble beaches. Along with four other young men who dress like the locals to work and then join the dual advantage punch. The court knew only that he was a fighter from the city organizes fights with fighter craft from the Bureau of boxing town magical Chai Chan, including the medium punch die Mr Punch and his small fists hard that he fights to win both. three straight He trained this bird from the Prince and Princess Diamonds Act. His son to have the ability to fight. Fencing and wrestling, too
Early in the Ayutthaya .... The king gave them a boxing capital of the selection by the men skilled in boxing Thailand to fight the throne. The selection is excellent and skilled soldiers there. And the guard called the "military option" under the Department of boxing capital. Responsible for security Inside the palace, or come in various applications. It is also a boxing trainer for the military and his son as well.

Ayutthaya end After defeat to Myanmar is the second 2310 with the two famous boxers.
1. Mr. boiled sweets captive Thailand were forcibly taken to the Ayutthaya are the second since 2310 later in the year 2317 King of Ava. Myanmar held a ceremony to celebrate the king's favorite Maha Chedi big city of Rangoon. He said that a good Muay Thai skills. The advantage to a fighter Myanmar Then punch in front of the throne on 17 March 2317, which was boiled sweets punch boxer won the 10 Myanmar people without rest. The winner of this fight Boxing broadcast abroad for the first time. So you treat it like a "father fight" and on March 17 is a day of boxing.
 2. Phraya Pichai Broken Sword (AD 2284-2325), formerly known as the little town Pichai. Uttaradit Muaythai is very knowledgeable oriented. A boxing trainer at the office and use knowledge Boxing Thailand for herself until age 16, then practice acrobatics and sword fighter Chinese people from China. Handmade excellence in boxing and swords. It is visible to the eyes of Phraya Tak. Therefore, the government has been titled as royal subjects Pichai. After the sun god on the Thonburi era. Phraya Pichai Pichai city to occupy their old house in P.s. over 2314 Burmese attacked the city already has hit the city Pichai. Phraya Pichai led troops battle. The battle to fight The two broken sword has called Phraya Pichai Broken Sword.

Thon Buri Thonburi began the 2310 - 2324 period, 14-year-old house under reconstruction. After liberator recoverable. Muay Thai training session for this war and military training actually. In a skillful boxer like Mr. Cloud home pole position. Mr. Atta at home Mr. frustration Tak Province Mr. Sunil Thoongyang Mr. Sunil Primitive student teacher The boxer, who is an officer of the Royal King and Royal Prom Sena loyal affection for fattening forgiven Mr. Toner said gold teeth or Phraya Pichai Broken Sword. The fight in the Thon Buri The popular fighter foreign The teacher or pupil punches together. Rules are not evident. Know only that punch without scoring. Unless the other party to give up. Arena helical soil Most of the temple Boxer also hit a tying rope wear the garland. Praehiid and tie the upper arm during the competition.

Rattanakosin period Thai boxing in the early Rattanakosin Rama Rama 1 to 4 year 2325-2411 period, 86-year-old Muay Thai is the national art. With the competition in the annual festival. Rules are scheduled to start, the race is held. Using coconut shells with holes, floating coconut shells sink to the bottom if it is a drummer, a sign lifted out. The competition is set to lift Punch each other until the other party to give up.
The reign of King Rama 1 skyline Great (BC. 2325- 2352), he also trained boxing since he was young. He cares for His Majesty saw a boxing match, Thailand is always in the year 2331, a French merchant to merchant ships worldwide with two stab grip. The youngest is a skillful boxer. Boxing betting many flights arrive in Bangkok, the Lord Privy interpreter respectfully. Boxing betting strongly with the Lord Privy Thailand have taken up the reigns unto one he spoke with consultants palace of his brother. This is a skilled Muay Thai Boxing and control of the capital at that time. Take the bet amount by weight of 50 lawyers chosen viceroy palace recruited talented names. Ten thousand French fighter destroyed combat this. Arena competition are established at the Palace. Using a rope tied to a pole at a height of about 70 centimeters stretched four square block area. Width of about 20 meters in front of the plant Pavilion. Rules of the game without scoring. Fight until defeated by decisive. When approaching the time he spoke to punch up a thousand calories. With anoint the drug by the body. Praehiid arm tied fetish Then someone came up to our neck ring when the match starts. Western advantageous shape The approach Trying to wrestle neck and collarbone. Ten thousand calories to ward off switch with open Kicking's sting and then backed away even more of a punch than even I do not have specific handicap race. Brother that if I punched the younger brother still unfavorable, but decided not to jump the barrier thousand calories retreated. Action as well Melee ensued between the French to choose their lawyers. I hurt a lot of people at first reigning monarch to visit a chiropractor doctor drug treatment. France recovered when the brothers went back to the ship.
• The second reign of King Rama II (AD 2352-2367) ...... when he was young. Stated some great boxing from office. (Bell Khositaram) days from King Rat (Golden), which had been crushed old mother. But when death came 16 years old, and he sat in boxing by choosing another lawyer. He made a big field, boxing, lawn area Wang. He changed the term "flea hop boxing" as a "boxing".
• reign of the third King Nang Klao Head (2367 -2394) ....... his Muay Thai training of lawyers selected in the reign of the two people in the cities are still popular today. boxing and fencing are For this reason the Thao Suranaree. Khunying Mo or Wife Princess Korat You can control over combat troops out of the sub-band of the city of Vientiane. City made 4 Mongkut (AD 2394-2411) ...... while he was young. He's one of boxing child Thailand. Fencing and play a show in front of the temple ceremony. Temple of the Emerald Buddha In the past, this is the turning point of Western civilization began to spread into the country. Muay Thai is the national sport, but still • The reign of King Rama V, 5 (AD 2411-2453) ...... He trained Muay Thai fighter from the Royal Court. The patriarch of the royal armies supporters. Venerable boxing trainer who is dedicated to teaching 0. His favorite sport is boxing makes Sees boxing throne The governor gave them cities Sorting skillful boxer with a punch before the throne to find the most talented boxer he was a lifeguard. Department of Royal Boxing ..... He saw the value of the national sport. Said the boxing competition held across the country. To achieve a more popular sport of Muay Thai. In addition, graciously gave a "boxing capital" the cities. To act as trainers competition And the boxing match The ceremonial tasks such as job Oskants Meru or city living. Bureau to issue a summons to bring the boxing capital of the boxer. The bagpipes, drums come together in the event. As funeral Krom Khun Pong Mru Siripat Held at Prairie Meru (plaza) Daskr subdue the fort. In this work, graciously arranged a boxing match before the throne. A talented boxer from the provinces many punches opponent will be received "thousands" 1. Twenty boxer named Mr. Crater intention gold skillful fighter from Chaiya. The punch by landing Esืalakhag captured by the opponent and has won several thousand boxing batting 2. Mr. Punch is not rolling extension. Fighter craft from downtown. The offense has been rhythmic punch clever, nimble maneuvering. The punch was excellent 3. The wedge thousand foot hit the red Thailand noble fighter craft from Korat. He has taken serious And threw a punch at the famed drug called "buffalo jerky punch" ... the five year reign in 2430, he graciously set up the Department of Education. Boxing is one of the subjects in the school curriculum, teacher training, General Education furiously. And Chulachomklao Royal Military Academy In this period is considered the golden age of boxing •. The reign of King Rama VI 6 (AD 2453-2468) ... During the years 2457 to 2461, Thailand sent troops to join the Allies in World War 1 the city of Maceio. Jersey France The Lord Lieutenant General Pasha oversaw military Thephasdin is to join the battle this time. I have a lot of Muay Thai boxing, Thailand's military and people of European audiences. Creating a pleasing and very impressive. This is the first fight began publishing in Europe .... 2464 years after World War 1 ... Boxing Stadium Rose Garden of the first permanent boxing tournament regularly. On the football field within the first stage Suankularb audience to sit and stand around the ring, a square shape. Width of about 26 meters on each side line isolation Restricted transgress Arena. The boxing yarn with a hand wearing a sacred tie Praehiid the upper arm. Shorts Groin padded protect vital organs. And a cloth tightly around his waist over again. Do not wear a shirt and shoes Referee dress in purple cloth wear a loincloth. Wearing the royal wasp and white socks. .... Both boxers at the boxing great is batting a thousand punches. Bird skillful boxer in the reign of 50 years, five of which were hit with the bright young talented boxers expletive Buster. Tall, aged 22, from Korat, the fight was to avenge his father's boxing batting a thousand punches. When punch each other before the throne Meru fattening Mru Mr. Siripat. The competition takes two minutes thousand boxing punch accurately punches were thrown Buffalo's shiny. Fell unconscious to the ground. The audience was thrilled with it's shiny finish. Ran around to congratulate. Destabilizing Trusts and scouts to work harder. The event was organized boxing commission has held a meeting to find a solution. Finally, the newly built ring the next day. The platform 4 feet arena floor mats Chan Boon several pieces sewn together. A rope barrier stage 1 inch above the corner of the stairs up and down the court and boxing referee. The referee uniforms scout uniform A guard at the house, the stopwatch second drum signaled the punch 11 competition held each three minutes apart when the referee ordered a separate ban prohibiting repeatedly bite the ball was caught. If the opponent had to stand at the center. There are thousands of amateur orchestra, clarinet, drums, voice portraying the play to beat the competition. .... People are interested to watch the competition and called for a further six days the Lord hath graciously pleased to Siva Suresh Sen Navy loyalty. chief scout A boxing match to raise funds for purchase of guns to scout. The Samui Etsapibal governor and cities. A talented boxer to punch each other. Boxer, mostly from the provinces will stay at the club scout. Dusit area when a fighter has an advantage. Journalists take photos advertisement This is the first time that the advertisement. Boxing match ... Boxing history that a pair can make the most of that period is still Mr. Han Chang G (Hou Zhong Kui) The Chinese boxer scores Jeep Chang was punched in the face and kicked down the nape. lying down, the referee counted 10, I could not get fights • the reign of King Rama VII 7 (AD 2468-2477) .... during the years 2466 to 2472 troops. Admiral Lord created Thephasdin Tha main stadium at the National Theatre today. Stage with twine rope barrier up. Each line is a rope straining not only opens up into the corner for the same age. Boxer falls to stage the event every year and this year, 2472 .... government.

Thailand has ordered a nationwide wearing boxing gloves punch. Set glove worn by boxers in international boxing into Filipino. This is because Mr Patterson raised sublime. Talented boxer from pole position. Uttaradit was punched Agia guest Khmer die with a punch line. ... On Saturday, 9 November 2472 Sir Katha Pradesh mulatto. Thailand has started a boxing tournament at Lumpini park on the premises or in combination with the other bodies. By selecting a fighter craft punch all day Saturday because Chao was fashionable, so the boxing ring with international standards is a string of three lines, the canvas floor there are red and blue with the referee, the two people with the decisive race on. the first stage of the bell to signal the first time. And on Saturday, December 30 2472 in the New Year. Double majors during the healing power Dilokwilas Phu increasingly supporting boxing, including Mr. Suwan New Wasa purple with purple observances, which have brought Mr. Chestnut steel to protect vital organs, making Boxer others. Chestnut turned to steel since •. 8 global reign of King Maha Maine Trust Anandamahidol (AD 2477-2489) .... During the year 2478-2484, Baron, famous at that time have built up a boxing ring land. thy name is Chet Chet Prince Park Stadium. The Department is currently Guard. The operation was well organized. Since the military took control To bring revenue to maintain military affairs. Competition consecutive years And went away because of the 2nd World War, the Japanese invaded Thailand on December 8, 2484 ... the year 2485 -2487 World War 2 was calm but still flying enemy aircraft. patrolling night and day Thailand, according to boxing tournament in the theater. In the daytime, such as stadium improvements. Boxing Moon Boxing great circle Since Prachn still interested in boxing .... December 23, 2488, Ratchadamnoen Boxing Stadium is opening the first race. Mr. Poll is just as beautiful the stadium first. Lord save precious time as executive director of the stage production, General Chit am a promoter. The fight is on Sunday from 16:00 to 17:00 hrs. The rules of the Department of Physical Education in 2480 hit five three-minute rest between each lift raises in the first two minutes of the scale. Weight boxer with a stone like a weight scale, another two years later it was renamed in 2491 to change kilogram weight boxer pounds. To make the system more universal. And the model name, such as weight, weighing up to 112 pounds of weight up to 118 pounds, a late model version Bantamweight year 2494 and so on Ratchadamnoen Boxing Stadium roof construction has begun permanently .... 3 days. September 2496 Colonel Pichai Mr Gul Vanichvoranun assistant Boxing Forum Boxing Forum has issued a regulation to wear boxer shorts to match their own angle. Mentors must dress modestly ... December 8, 2496 Lumpini Boxing Stadium. Has opened a boxing tournament was first denied there was a strong field, the light pervade the Sri drug safety manager ... year 2498 Sidewalk Stage Company Limited has prepared the first professional boxing rules. Modified Muay Thai rules of the Department of Physical Education of the year 2480 ... the year 2502 Mr. Knowles Taguchi Japanese businessman leading Japanese boxer fights with Muay Thai boxer filming already. to education Renamed racing furiously told Mr. chitosan Ken Taguchi leading Japanese martial arts, boxing has hit the stage at the Forum. An impression Boxing trainers to lead classes seriously. In the elementary school in Japan ... 2503 Stage Company Limited increased Ratchadamnoen boxing career that rules and regulations. Thai boxers must compete in at least 18 years old and no older than 38 year's full year 2504 stage ... Ratchadamnoen boxing's Cup for the first time. A boxer who has endured his cup. By order of 13 November 2504 to take first rank promotion of business on May 8, 2506 at 2 activity might influence Anuchit February 25, 2508 3 people. Sompong Charoenmuang on 14 December 2512 to 4 Chalermsak Ploenchit November 6, 2514 at the five keys of Paradise Warrior honor on January 17, 2522 at 6 Pisanu war. Kings 29, 2507 Mr. Chairman stage Sidewalk celebration turbulent currency restrictions enacted regulations governing the European Championship. Prevention Champion And Ranking Boxing Forum is the first stage of the year 2508 ... Stage Company Limited Ratchadamnoen boxing career has updated the rules to be more appropriate for the "rules of professional boxing arena Forum 2508". .. December 2527 Boxing Forum Boxing Top 10 rankings for the first time as a result of the first two hours ago who enjoyed nervous Phimai who holds three wins King Khan to finish fourth Prayut Udomsakdi five people. Adul Sri Sothon six people Apidej Sit-Hirun Wichan least seven people Porntaweesak who developed steel wheels 8 to 9 people inhabiting less Worawuth diesel least 10 g. Dhanasuckanchana Kan.
The value and importance of Boxing
1. Boxing important person
Boxing helped develop the physical, emotional, mental, and social intelligence as a complete physical and mental ability to adapt in society happily. So everyone should Thailand The exercise will practice. The body's dysfunction The body is always good The study should be subject to a boxing knowledge correctly.

   Improve physical Helps the body healthy A capacity to run high Make good shape Have the right personality to be a leader. The training will take affect almost every part. It helped shape elegance gays.

   Improved emotional Fitness training, sports competition and the struggle of the boxer. Will find both disappointment and fulfillment. As well as physical pain Muay Thai athletes have to have patience. Tolerance, as well as athletes, can have a good fight.

    Help develop the sport of boxing is mental, moral movement more effective science teacher Teacher of respect for boxing. To respect those with maturity over. Recognize the sacrifices and energy to others. Honesty, justice, courtesy, discipline, courage, patience, sportsmanship draw to forgive. Boxing training and competing regularly. You can not control emotions Resourceful problem solving

2. Boxing important to the community and society.
Muay Thai is a personal fitness activities. And exercise with many people could use boxing to play. Olympic boxing and special occasions such as traditional festival. About boxing is the relationship of the community.
    Improve social Muay Thai is Thailand Cultural side. Muay Thai practitioners It's a keeper preserve and maintain the uniqueness of Thailand. As an anchor to convince the Thailand cherish love and harmony in the community. As part of the nation to promote a stable future. As a way to develop the society to progress further.

 3. Boxing important to the nation
Muay Thai is an important part of maintaining the independence of Thailand from the past to the present, because Muay Thai fighter gives the opponent an advantage. Especially in the melee, police officers received training on Muay Thai Thailand continued to the present day. Boxing widely known to foreigners in Thailand. Popular regarded boxing talent by hiring a trainer to help the people of Thailand have a job. Do not let the United States with honor and dignity.
    Improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the military and police. The military and police will be on duty. Combating crime And war In addition, the use of weapons and The fight with bare hands also needed a lot of melee combat. Boxing is helping the military and police to work more efficiently. As well as contribute to the self-confidence. And strengthen courage Resolute in fighting with

4. major international boxing
Muay Thai is important to the world. Since the country began to turn their attention to martial arts. Top boxing and training for the entire exercise. And for competition With the boxing clubs and organizations in many different countries.

5. Boxing helped make national security
Muay Thai is a unique culture, and culture is the stability of the national boxing is essential to the stability of Thailand. Whether people go to Thailand is that it would bring to practice the art of Muay Thai and publishing build good relationships among Thailand together.
    Contribute to the wellbeing of individuals and society as a martial arts fighter. As in any society, it can protect the art of Muay Thai. Caused to life and property of people in society have made progress. Welfare and stability It also secures a stable career and income for themselves. Revenue for the country, too
Modern training equipment
Equipment for fitness and boxing drills that require regular outlets. The following equipment is required at all Boxing Club will be stationed in Boxing. The Executive And prevent damage to the body.
1. Jump rope is used to exercise the leg strength, high flexibility, jumping rope.
 2. batting practice for punching punch or punching ball is a device used to practice out of sight because of the sensitivity of the punch and punching ball will bounce to bounce back when they were lousy. Boxer practice punches speed and strength to hit regularly. Training and agility to unleash a punch to the eye of the ball Punching ball.
3. bandaged hand is used to help prevent finger or abrasions time boxing. It will be a thousand hands before wearing gloves. Punch or drill down to sandbag glove hand bandaged.
4. Chestnut boxer is a device used to prevent parts of the fighter does not make the injury caused by the punch. By wearing boxing up all the chestnut.
5. Gum is a device used to protect the teeth and mouth injuries from boxing. Is important that boxers must wear shin. By the time the wearing boxing gloves and sparring teeth into the tire.
6. Mitt is a device used to practice and compete. Gloves are essential for boxers and boxing. When put into practice by wearing gloves and compete on stage. Mitt sizes ranging from 4-6 ounces depending on the size of the fighter, whose prices vary. There are gloves and sparring gloves to fight competition. Mitt drills, which are larger and softer than the competition down duvet.
7. Bagley punch bag is equipped with a miniature punch a punching bag. Everything is shaped like a mitten, but smaller. Punch out the training and prevent the fingers of time sparring boxers punch bag pummeled the Razorbacks, not to trick or hit the sack.
8. decoy is used fists, feet, knees, elbows out drills to follow the key points of the body precisely. There is a target range for the target length leggings are worn on the body of the coach and a finesse fighter fists, feet, knees, elbows out to the various targets. On physical training aims for long-range target belly.
9. Sandbag training is a device used to punch out, knees, feet and elbows are the most important to all campers must have a boxer practicing punches, kicks, knees, elbows and teeth sandbags.
10. steel ball for gymnastics or drum Bale is equipped to strengthen the muscles around the jaw with a mane period in the mouth and then lift up and down. Training with arms clutched in hand and fight the practice round drum Campbell.
11. beams for weightlifting The equipment used to strengthen muscles, limbs and chest strength by lifting up and down. Steel beams for weightlifting
12. rope node is used to strengthen the wrist, arm and chest with a tie on the beam and then climb down. This can be seen in a boxing training session following.
13. Stopwatch The timing device used in the training of boxers. By the time the lift is raised to five minutes after one minute through the first 5 minutes was enough to lift the first session will be held 8-10 in each training session. Stopwatch
14. pants, boxer shorts have a relatively short window Sewing with its various colors. The embroidered name boxers and boxing camp under the pants to wear at training camp on time, wearing boxers and boxing.
15. sheath strapped ankle A device for protecting a sprained ankle boxer not take a sack or kick boxing. Competitive boxers to wear a jacket always race to prevent ankle sprained ankle caused by a competitor.
16. Scales A device for stroke weight boxer. In practice facility boxing it is necessary to have scales, a boxer. Tested weigh yourself regularly. In order to know how much they weigh. This is useful for training and competition. The test weight is three test phases before practicing. After training During a rehearsal break All of the equipment needed to practice boxing. You do not need everything I can get boxing lessons. But the boxer is fully equipped and will be able to develop their physical capabilities have improved. And the impact on boxing

Boxing's first Thailand

     Ratchadamnoen boxing stadium or arena Rajadamnern (Rajadumnern Stadium) is Thailand's first boxing standards established by the counsel of Chom Phon. Phibulsongkram when Prime Minister. The Crown Property Bureau Is under construction up Since construction began before World War 2 in 2484 but came back to finish the war in the year 2488 and the first match on 23 December 2488 by Mr. Poll is a very beautiful stadium manager or boss. Boxing
     Initially Boxing Forums No roof to Mr Chalerm turbulent currency manager Stadium. Recognizes the problems and inconvenience. The proposal to build a roof over the whole area later in 2494 Ratchadamnoen Boxing Stadium. The completion boxing standards.
    Ratchadamnoen Boxing Stadium Boxing is a prime location and beautiful architecture in the world. The current field Rajadamnern Improve new and air conditioned. Was named player of boxing fans as "Victor Air" is also boxers and Muay Thai, a boxing many more punches here, whether Pone Kingpetch, chartchai chionoi, Venice's. B. A. ., payao poontarat, khaosai galaxy, the Grand Marshal. the Sainsbury's, won the primary. Pao etc.

    The Boxing Forum organized a punch every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 18:00 to 21:00 pm. Sundays at 17:00 to 21:00 pm. Every holy days.